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Sherry Thens

The mother of two successful sons, Sherry Thens began her life and career in coastal Delaware in 2014 and today specializes in beach properties in the coastal resort of Ocean City, Md.


Sherry started working for the Oldfather Group in April of 2015, building on a long career in real estate that began in the city of Las Vegas. She owned her own brokerage in the Nevada desert for several years before moving to Delmarva when her son, Paul, accepted a graphics position with Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton.


Today, Sherry has become the Oldfather Group’s resident expert on properties in and around the thriving coastal resort of Ocean City, where she also makes her permanent home.


If you’re interested in a property in Maryland’s largest summer resort, then Sherry Thens is the person to call. Schedule an appointment with her today by calling 302-227-6767.

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