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Mariya Oldfather

Mariya Oldfather serves as the Oldfather Group's chief financial officer, but she's also one of the company's most successful REALTORs.


In 2016 alone, Mariya sold 31 southern Delaware properties, totaling more than $13 million in sales volume. 


Utilizing strong analytical, financial and organizational skills, along with an intimate knowledge of the local area, Mariya takes pride in giving her clients a real estate buying or selling experience that's second to none in the southern Delaware marketplace.


Along with her husband, Chief Executive Officer Dustin Oldfather, Mariya uses her technical savvy to stand out in local real estate circles. This includes a heavy Internet presence, including a big emphasis on social media, and use of cutting edge technology like virtual reality software and aerial photography, 


Mariya is also a senior housing specialist who works closely with local builders and developers. In short, she's very well connected and extremely capable of getting you the best deal possible, whether buying or selling property at the beautiful Delaware beaches.

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